I am Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology, University of Surrey, UK, and an executive editor of the British Journal of Sociology of Education.

My research focuses primarily on the sociology of education and I have conducted a wide range of projects in this area on, for example, international student mobility, young graduates and lifelong learning, the experiences of higher education students with dependent children, and the changing nature of students’ unions.

I have recently started a large cross-national project (‘EuroStudents‘), which will explore how the higher education student is understood in different European countries, and by different social actors. I am also writing two books: Materialities and Mobilities in Education, with Johanna Waters, for the Routledge series on the Foundations and Futures of Education, and Education and Society: Places, Policies, Processes for Palgrave. I have recently edited Student Politics and Protest: International Perspectives, which was published in the Routledge/SRHE series in October 2016.