Materialities and Mobilities in Education

The new book I have written with Johanna Waters will be published in a few weeks. Below we have pasted a few details about the book as a whole, and the list of contents. We are particularly grateful to Ravinder Sidhu, of the University of Queensland, who kindly wrote the Afterword for us.

Materialities and Mobilities in Education develops new arguments about the ways in which educational processes can be analysed. Drawing on a recent interest in mobilities across the social sciences, and a conterminous resurgence in academic accounts of materialities, the book demonstrates how these two ostensibly differing perspectives on education might be fruitfully deployed in tandem.  Considering the interaction and convergence of materialities and mobilities, the book highlights the relationship between structural constraints and opportunities and the agency of individuals, providing a unique and essential insight into contemporary education.

Examining a range of education spaces from the formal to the informal and the different types of mobility that manifest in relation to education, the book introduces readers to a range of theoretical resources and detailed case studies used to analyse the spatiality of education from across the disciplines of human geography, education and sociology.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The materiality of education

Chapter 3: Buildings and bodies

Chapter 4: Mobilities in education: movement and flows

Chapter 5: Transnational (educational) mobilities

Chapter 6: The convergence of materiality and movement

Chapter 7: Convergence within urban education

Afterword (by Ravinder Sidhu)